“Healthy Microbiota” Retreats


How to improve your health thanks to a better digestive flora.

A new conceptavant-garde and scientifically structured.

These 6 day retreats revolve around 4 main themes:

1. Assess your state of wellbeing by measuring your digestive flora or microbiota, with non invasive tools.
2. Propose physical and relaxation activities adjusted to you.
3. Learn about your body and your health through classes and practical workshops.

4. Give natural solutions and tailored advices.


These innovative French retreats are totally original, « jamais vu » in France as well as abroad. They are based on a new therapeutic approach which is personalized and scientifically structured.

You will have a better understanding of yourself and you will find natural solutions to recover your health.


Personalized evaluation of your microbiota, physical and relaxation activities supervised by a sports educator, preparation of food low in FODMAPs, classes on health education.


Any person interested by his/her health and willing to understand, learn and interact with it. Maximum 16 guests.


Because now Nature and Science offer us the possibility of these natural solutions. 


Monique SCHWEITZER  & Fanny SEREE, therapists and health educators fully trained by Dr Bruno DONATINI, in ECIM school in Paris.


Bring all participants towards a better health and more autonomy.


In « Montplaisir en Rose », a wonderful and unique spot in TARN, quiet and surrounded by nature, in Southern France, about 35 minutes drive from Toulouse, in ALGANS  (81) :  www.montplaisirenrose.com 


2 retreats in 2023: the 1st one includes cooking classes on refined cuisine without FODMAPs as well as treatment of your microbiota :

  • 26 July 4pm to 30 July 4 pm:  4 full days 
  • 28 Augut 4pm to 3 September 4pm : 6 full days


. 4 day retreat : in a shared double room  1,064 €  per person  (more for individual room)

. 6 day retreat : in a single room, 1,596 € per person (more for individual room)

All inclusive : food, lodging, all activities, workshops, sauna,

Deposit 300€ non refundable

Early birds registration : one month before the start of the retreat : 100€ discount

For the 6 full day retreat, 1 therapy is included in the price : you can chose 1 treatment among these 5 : Full body oil massage, cranial or structural osteopathy, psychogenealogy to understand the meaning of your health problem, quantique machines such as Physioscan, Oligocheck, Equilios, Biomag … and finally Foot or Hand Reflexology… the real stuff, Original Ingham Method !

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Tel GSM : +33 6 82 23 57 79  or  

Tel Land : +33 5 61 11 48 47